Facts about St. Ives

  • Photo of Beaches


    St. Ives is considered to be one of the best beach towns in Cornwall, and one of few towns in…

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  • Photo of Campsites


    Cornwall, a country famous for hundreds of sandy beaches surrounded by incredibly beautiful nature, is a great place for holiday…

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  • Photo of Restaurants in St. Ives

    Restaurants in St. Ives

    Sometimes it becomes hard to choose the right restaurant, especially if you are in St. Ives. The thing is that…

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  • Photo of Tide Times in St Ives

    Tide Times in St Ives

    St Ives, situated on the rugged coast of Cornwall, England, is a picturesque seaside town well-known for its surf-friendly beaches…

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  • Photo of Weather in St. Ives

    Weather in St. Ives

    St. Ives, situated in the warmest county in England – Cornwall, has a mild temperate climate. It means that both…

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  • Photo of Hotels


    Nestled along the stunning Cornish coast, St Ives is a picturesque harbor town celebrated for its beautiful beaches and vibrant…

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  • Photo of Pubs in St. Ives

    Pubs in St. Ives

    If you are looking for a way to spend a great evening in St. Ives, visiting one of Cornwall pubs…

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